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Zhejiang Jushi Bridge Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is located in Zhongguan Town, Deqing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province。The transportation around the company is convenient, bringing together provincial highways, national highways, Hangning high-speed and high-speed rail。The company is mainly engaged in bridge steel structure engineering business, is a set of steel structure production, design and development, installation and service as one of the professional companies, with the state issued by the steel structure professional construction qualification, China Steel structure Association issued by the steel structure manufacturing qualification。

At present, the company's total number of employees is 737 People, among which technical and managerial personnel112 People, senior engineer9People, factory production workers altogether 625 人。Company phase I, land30Mu, plant building area2More than 10,000 square meters,2A bridge assembly line;Phase II, land100Mu, plant building area4More than 10,000 square meters,4Bar assembly line, outdoor storage yard2Ten thousand square meters。Company Phase III (under construction),Located in Xuanzhou economic development Zone, Xuancheng City, Anhui Province, covers an area246.54Mu, plant building area66480Square meters,10Production line(An intelligent production line for steel-concrete composite beams)1Sheet pretreatment line,4Set of high standard environmental protection sand spraying room,室外Yard area5More than ten thousand square meters。The company's product line is complete, covering bridge steel structure, aluminum alloy structure, heavy steel structure, light steel structure, grid and pipe structure, bridge steel formwork, the current annual output of up to 120000Tons of steel structure production capacity。After the completion of the Anhui plant,预计The annual output will reach30万吨。

At present, the main mechanical equipment owned by the company are: general gantry crane, bridge crane, CNC cutting machine, gantry CNC (flame/Plasma cutting machine, two protection welding machine, submerged arc welding machine, stud welding machine, CNC plate processing center, 3D CNC drilling machine, welding robot, single component welding anti-deformation complete equipment;Lifting equipment lifting tonnage cover 102032607580吨共90Suit;Has the province's first homemade2000Ton cantilever hydraulic press;Equipped to handle air volume per hour8Million cubic meters2Set of environmental protection equipment。The technology and equipment are at the advanced level of the same industry。It has the ability to undertake all kinds of steel structure construction in bridge, transportation, housing and other industries。We have rich experience and profound attainments in bridge process design, manufacture, transportation and installation。The company and its subsidiaries have as many patents20Multiple, hosting or participation criteria7The project undertaken has been rated as the "Diamond Award" of Zhejiang Steel structure for many times, and has been rated as a credit rating by China Steel Structure Industry AssociationAAAGrade enterprises, by the Huzhou Emergency Management Bureau as the safety production of the third level enterprises, etc。The company is now investing abroad5Our wholly-owned subsidiaries are: Zhejiang Juqiao Industrial Co., LTD., Deqing Juxin Metal Materials Co., LTD., Xuancheng Jushi Intelligent Manufacturing Co., LTD., Hangzhou Jute Heavy Duty Technology Co., LTD., Hangzhou Jute Trading Co., LTD。

The company always insistsThe business philosophy of "survival by quality, development by science and technology, market by reputation, efficiency by management", adhering to the environmental protection concept of "quality and safety, accompanied by green", and the new concept of "advancing with The Times, new development" to enhance the business reputation of enterprises, based onZhejiang, covering the surrounding area, facing the whole country, determined to build the company into a first-class enterprise in the field of bridge steel structure。

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